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Socotra Online is a comprehensive news website concerned with the affairs of Socotra Archipelago highlighting various living mattes that people may interest in to know what is happening around them.

Socotra Online is the first website for Socotra news, updated around the clock and run by group of distinguished journalists of Socotra. It concerns with working within the media guidelines in addition to ethical, social and legal rules.

In this regard, Socotra Online aims at paying attention to and highlighting all groups of society while seeking for the truth in extent of their right to have truthful and credible media coverage with unbiased objective, professional limits and ambitious towards new subjects.

No doubt, it is a long journey ahead, but we started professionally and we will afford all efforts to keep up with the events to report them in real time. We depend on national professional individuals to report the news simply, truthfully and honestly.

Socotra Online encourages everyone who has experience in writing articles to interact in order to build a knowledge-based society through the website.

If you have any inquiries, suggestions and feedbacks on Socotra Online, please do not hesitate to contact us.