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“Ibrahim Youssef”, Nature-lover, Human, and Photographer with Imagination-and-Emotions-driving lens

January 15, 2020 –Socotra Online

No doubt, in most of individual intellectual creativity, the identity of the intellectual creative person is closely linked to his intellectual production. Examples of the individual intellectual creativity: poetry, stories writing, articles writing, singing, acting and photographing …etc.

In all these intellectual creative aspects, the creative person often carry out his intellectual product individually, such as poetry writing, painting or photographing …etc.

In my own point of view, I believe that the photographer is the least fortunate in fame and the most unsuccessful in linking his intellectual products with his identity although photography is as beautiful and important as other intellectual creative aspects.

“Abu Youssef”, a young man from Socotra, who is aware that photography and TV photography are a documentary of reality in order to be linked with a specific event or to show a beauty aspect in it. Therefore, he has been believing that his creativity path has not started since he is ambitious, who does not seek for fame. Fame comes to him.

I knew him as a creative young man from Socotra, who loves photography and embraces his camera as his son. It is Ibrahim Youssef. He is a young photographer, who works as a photographer as an art seeking for surprising and exciting.

He is not an amateur photographer or TV photographer, but he can be described as an experienced one. He started photography سنوات, and now he has a latest “Nikon” camera with high aesthetic feeling, which qualifies him to be one of the greatest photographers.

Ibrahim Youssef likes heritage photography and likes documenting the past and present. He is a nature-lover, human, and photographer with imagination-and-emotions-driving lens.

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