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Hibaq Road is open again

Reporting: Said Damdad

No doubt, Hibaq road in Socotra is the main road in Socotra Archipelago as it links Qalansiyah and Socotra islands in the west in addition to the other western and southern districts of (Hadiboh), which is the main center of all life activities of the sons of the Archipelago. It is very important to reach Socotra Airport.

The weather circumstances of the tropical depression (Bhavan) caused its blockage for five days and caused extreme damages, which the people of Socotra in the western side suffered from. It was notable that a pregnant woman died in her way to Hadiboh to give birth in Khalifa Hospital, but she could not go there due to the road blockage. She died immediately.

In this regard, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation opened the road and transported the stuck patients using a helicopter to Khalifa Hospital, by which it mitigated the stress of the people of Socotra and saved lives of many pregnant women and dialysis patients.

In turn, the people of Socotra expressed their thanks and appreciation to Khalifa Foundation and Khalfan bin Mubarak Al Mazroui for their help and concern with refurbishment of the road and returning life back to Socotra. Such help returned smile to children, men and women there.

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