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UAE efforts in Promotion of Education Sector in Socotra

Reporting: Arfa Abdo                     Photography: Ibrahim Youssef

The United Arab Emirates concerned with promotion of education in Socotra through its humanitarian entity, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, which in turn assured that Khalifa Foundation paid attention to the education sector in Socotra and overcame the problems, which have been suffered for years.

Distinguished Projects

Khalifa Foundation approved many projects in order to promote the education sector, refurbish about 47 schools and add several classes in number of schools in addition to construction of Ataya Model School for primary education, which consisted of teachers from Egypt. Khalifa Foundation also supported the model schools in the Governorate and established Socotra Center for Studies and Consultation, in which students were enrolled in English and computer courses. Khalifa Foundation awarded 40 scholarships for male and female students in the United Arab Emirates and 40 scholarships in Egypt. Furthermore, the Foundation provided students of Socotra with financial supplies. It contracted with 347 teachers of graduates from Yemeni universities in order to fulfill the shortfall of teachers, and 10 teachers from Egypt. Currently, the Foundation printed the school books for schools in Socotra and provided schools with chairs, tables and boards in addition to transportation for students with 11 lines. The Foundation also supported the Office of the Ministry of Education and Directorates of Education in Hadiboh, Qalansiyah and Abd Al Kuri.

Maintenance and Refurbishment

Mr. Jamaan Talib, Director of Directorate of Education in Hadiboh, praised the support of the United Arab Emirates in the education sector, starting from the financial support represented in payment of salaries of contracted teachers, reaching to provision of schools with furniture such as tables, chairs and boards, adding new classes, and maintaining and refurbishing tens of schools in Hadiboh. Furthermore, the Foundation provided support though opening branches for Othman Ibn Afan, Omar Ibn Al Khattab and Shabahn secondary schools in order to mitigate the suffer of the students who had to go to Khalid Ibn Al Waleed and Al Zahraa secondary schools.

Coverage of Shortfall

The Director of Directorate of Education in Qalansiyah and Abd Al Kuri, Mr. Saad Al Jadhami, added that the Directorate praised the support provided by the United Arab Emirates through Khalifa Foundation in order to overcome problems and issues that we face every year. The Foundation contracted with 50 teachers to cover the shortfall of teachers and provided us with tables, chairs and boards in addition to the administrative support. Mr. Mohamed Saleh, Principal of Jawah Al Istad School, praised the effort and support of the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Abdullah Salem Noah, Principal of Shabahn School, commended the support provided to the school by refurbishment of the school, adding student housing, warehouse and kitchen, and provision of 200 chairs, 100 tables and boards in addition to other student and school needs.

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