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Socotra in Brief

The name of “Socotra” is derived from “Suq qutra” or “Market of Dragon Blood” referring to “Dracaena Cinnabari” or the dragon blood trees which have the shape of umbrellas. Such trees exist only in Socotra. The name was modified then. Parts and products of the tree are proved to be healthy and nutritious over years.

Socotra Island, which is 3950 km2 is one of six islands in Socotra archipelago. Two of these six islands are inhabited, which are Socotra and Abd Al Kuri, where 65514 inhabitants live in accordance with the census in 2004. Furthermore, the archipelago includes seven rocky islands. In 2013, the Yemeni Government decided to consider the archipelago as a governorate, while it has been a directorate following Hadramout Governorate/ East District.