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Socotra is present with the Strength of its Dancing and Musical Arts at the Zayed Heritage Festival

December 19, 2019 –Socotra Online

Reporting: Sherihan Helal

The musical and dancing teams of Socotra continued their creativity at Zayed Heritage Festival with mass attendance and wide observation of festival visitors, who concern with attendance and permanent interaction with their various attractive and impressive shows.

The teams from Socotra received a special attention in the festival since the visitors concerned with listening to their shows daily on different theaters. The community of people of Socotra coming from every Emirate across the United Arab Emirates were waiting for the shows of the teams from Socotra in order to remember such pleasant memories of dances of their home country. The people interacted with their shows and stated that the teams from Socotra represented it properly and reflected the bright artistic aspect of Socotra.

Great Honor

Anwar Mohamed Haroon, Supervisor of Qalawa Qalansiyah Team for People Arts, said that their participation in the festival was a great honor since it was one of the international festivals in many countries. He expressed his thanks to the management of the festival and Khalifa Foundation for the invitation, and highlighted that the festival visitors enjoyed and liked their shows.


Said Saad, Leader of Al Dan and Socotra Heritage praised the attention of the United Arab Emirates towards the people artistic heritage of the people of Socotra by inviting them to participate in festivals in the UAE, which is highly appreciated by the people of Socotra.

Annual Presence

Jamal Saad Amer, Leader of Socotra Arts Team praised the invitation to Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival in order to participate, and praised the efforts of Khalifa Foundation in facilitating the procedures. He highlighted that the people of Socotra come to the festival annually, which is a great matter and helps in acquainting the world with the Island.

Promotional Gains

Omar Ahmed Hamoud, Member at Qalawa Qalansiyah Team stated that their participation in such huge festival among teams from other countries was a promotional gain to acquaint the world with the distinguished arts of Socotra, and the United Arab Emirates assured that it is a gathering and loving country for everyone.

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