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Remarkable Shows by Students of Ataya Model School in Nujed Festival

July 26, 2020 –Socotra Online

Reporting and Photography: Saad Mohamed Taha –Ahmed Noah

Nujed Annual Festival supported by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation is still opening for audience to enjoy its various events, competitions and shows. As it has been two weeks since its opening, the audience was still visiting it from different places across Socotra.

Participations in Nujed Festival were various, as many popular artistic teams and bands were working on presenting their most elevated and cultural shows to reflect the heritage of Socotra including the women tent that was full of handcrafts. The participation of students of the summer camp of Ataya Model School was very impressing and fascinating, as it was very remarkable by their performance of heritage and modern dances with great reaction by the audience.

Ms. Amal Saeed, Principal of Ataya Model School, commended the Festival and its various events, and expressed her thanks and appreciation to Khalifa Foundation for the great support in different fields in Socotra.

Selim Faashehel, one of the participants in the men handcraft show, highlighted that these handcrafts were popular in Socotra in old days, and mentioned that he concerned with participating in all festivals held with support of Khalifa Foundation in Zayed City in Setroh. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Foundation and its field teams for the outstanding effort.

Khalifa Bahqia, one of residents in Qalansiyah, mentioned that he was very happy for visiting Nujed Annual Festival that used to reflect many customs and habits of the people of Socotra to get new generation acquainted with the original heritage of Socotra.

Salem Sebet, head of Qalawa Qalansiyah Band, asserted that this participation was one of the most important participations in events organized and supported by Khalifa Foundation. He also expressed his deep appreciation and thanks to Khalifa Foundation for supporting the people in all fields on the Island.

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