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Outstanding Signing Performance and Folklore Dancing by Qalawa Qalansiyah Band

July 28, 2020 –Socotra Online

Reporting and Photography: Ahmed Noah

Qalawa Qalansiyah Band performed an outstanding signing performance, folklore painting, heritage dancing in Nujed Festival, which were very impressed by the audience of the Festival. It was considered as one of the most distinguished bands that the audience waited their shows that reflected the heritage of Socotra.

Salem Sebet Saaban, head of Qalawa Qalansiyah Band, highlighted that the band concerned with presenting creative shows that reflected heritage of Socotra using different arts. It worked on making audience happy and presenting folklore signing of Socotra to get audience acquainted with this using dancing shows that touched souls and feelings. He also added that reactions of the audience demonstrated their success.

Salem also asserted that he was concerned with reflecting the Socotra folklore dancing, which was distinguishing.

Salem also concluded his saying by expressing thanks and deep appreciation to Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for its support to the Festival, and the great trust in the band to present shows. In addition, he asserted that the band would be ready for presenting all new arts to the audience in Nujed Festival after Eid Al Adha.

There was no doubt that Qalawa Qalansiyah Band was very distinguishing in the history of art of Socotra, as everyone considered it as the sound of Socotra heritage in addition to its cultural aspect.

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