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Remarkable End of the First Summer Camp of Ataya Model School

July 29, 2020 –Socotra Online

Reporting and Photography: Arif Abdo

Yesterday morning, Ataya Model School ended its first summer camp that was sponsored by the Office of Ministry of Education in Socotra and supported by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation. It was worth noting that the summer camp was deeply appreciated by the parents of the students, who suggested to hold it on a continuous basis, as it positively affected the students.

Ms. Amal Saeed, Principal of Ataya Model School, asserted the summer camp lasted for a month approximately and helped in strengthening and promoting skills of students through participation in competitions of drawing, poetry, theater, and acting in addition to folklore dances. She also highlighted that these events were deeply appreciated by all people. She commended the role of teachers, especially the Egyptian ones, in success of the camp. Furthermore, she expressed her thanks and appreciation to Khalifa Foundation for the outstanding support to Ataya School and the summer camp.

Ms. Rasha Al Shaer mentioned that the participating students demonstrated various skills that the school would work on strengthening and promoting, and highlighted that harmonization between students and teachers during the academic year was obvious during the camp, which the parents felt and witnessed. In turn, the parents were sure that their children would be the first role model of distinguished student in Socotra.

In this regard, student Ali Abdel Raheem expressed his happiness for this camp and asked for continuation of holding same camps to revive these amazing days with his colleagues and teachers.

Aml Salem mentioned that the camp was very helpful for her in promoting her skills and creativity, as it helped them in presenting before people without fear. She also thanked the teacher participated in the camp and the principal for the great effort during the period of the camp.

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