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Miracle of Groundwater Extraction in Districts Suffering from Lack of Water by Khalifa Foundation

July 29, 2020 –Socotra Online

Reporting and Photography: Saeed Salem Abu Wazer

Teams of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan afford outstanding and remarkable efforts in Socotra to make the people of Socotra happy through surveying the conditions on the Island to provide the people with all life needs and requirements.

One of the most important projects implemented by Khalifa Foundation in Socotra was drilling the wells in the districts that suffered from lack of water. Through these wells, the Foundation made many dreams real and provided the people with potable water around the clock during the whole year.

In line with these efforts, Khalifa Foundation constructed various huge tanks with high-quality specifications to be fed with water from the wells that were provided with pumps and solar energy system across many district that used to depend on rain.

Tanks of Khalifa Foundation reached to the district with thousand liters of potable water, which the people largely welcomed. The people expressed their deep appreciation and thanks to Khalifa Foundation teams. Ahmed Hazmhi highlighted that 6 Suqia tanks reached to Ferdaha in Amdahen to provide the people, and mentioned that Suqia Campaign launched 2 شهور to provide the people with potable water for better life.

Ahmed Hazmhi commended the role of Khalifa Foundation in ending suffering of people of Socotra in districts that suffered from lack of water.

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