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Installation of Advanced Sensor and Sterilization Device for Travelers by Khalifa Foundation in Socotra International Airport

July 29, 2020 –Socotra Online

Reporting and Photography: Ibrahim Youssef –Ahmed Jamaan

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation installed two sterilization devices for travelers and departing passengers in Socotra International Airport yesterday. The first device was installed on the gate of the main hall to sterilize all travelers and departing passengers, and the other was installed on the gate of the terminal to sterilize all arriving passengers.

An official at Khalifa Foundation highlighted that the devices provided by Khalifa Foundation in cooperation with International Airports Organization, which asked for the same, would perform automatic advanced sterilization. The sensors would work automatically and would sense the temperature of the sterilized passenger aiming at controlling the spread of COVID-19 on the Island. In addition, the official highlighted that the Foundation worked on training 6 employees, political security and Office of Ministry of Health employees on using these advanced devices in order to know how to use the devices upon arrival of different flights to the Airport.

The Official also mentioned that these two devices were in line with the efforts of Khalifa Foundation in development of the Airport and providing it with the most important and recent devices that would promote its capacity to match regulations of international airports and IATA in relation with availability of safety devices during such exceptional circumstances.

In this regard, administration of Socotra International Airport commended the concern and support of Khalifa Foundation, and asserted that Khalifa Foundation always worked on development of the Airport to promote its classification among local, regional and international airports.

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